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Symporus provides various fee-based services that enterprise partners can access to accelerate their projects or leverage the software to its fullest extent. Those options are described below. All pricing is customized to your project needs and budgetary requirements.


Exploring Competency-based Education (CBE): Facilitated conversations where Symporus works with you to explore competency-based education and how it could work at your organization.

Exploring Revolutions: We are in the midst of four significant revolutions: Delivery, Measurement, Supervision, and Payment. Our team will help you explore and consider the best way to address them in your context.

Stakeholder Engagement: Helping your faculty, board members, staff, and constituents explore, understand, and embrace the educational paradigm shifts that are vital to the ongoing success of your goals. Our experts will help you build the support and momentum you need by hosting retreats or meetings to walk through various paradigm shifts and the doors they open.

Roadmap Development: Focused, facilitated sessions, where Symporus experts work with you to develop a clear path to your educational goals.

Innovation Readiness Assessment: Our team will assess your organization's readiness for innovation by gathering data, reviewing organizational practices and structures, and engaging in conversation with key stakeholders. 

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan: By working with your team to review enrollment and marketing practices, our team will guide the development of an integrated marketing strategy that brings together program, process, and promotion.

Competency-based Accreditation Consulting: Seeking accreditation for your competency-based education can be fun and rewarding. We will show you how.

Competency-based Educational Philosophy & Strategy: Competency -based education creates an opportunity to think through the educational philosophy and holistic institutional strategy at your institution. Our team can help you think through the opportunities created this approach.


Learning Experience (LX) Design: Through our tested process, we’ll help you develop a profile of your learners and define integrated outcomes.

Curriculum Development: Our LX team helps you design interactive, engaging learning experiences built around your outcomes and pathways.


LX Production:  After outcomes and pathways have been developed, our team will work with you to put the curriculum on the Pathwright LMS.

Custom Theme Design: We’ll help you brand the software and learning steps so every image and letter reinforces your name.  


Financial and Operational Modeling: Our team walks with you to design the financial and operational models that will support paradigm shifts at your organization.

Zapier Integrations and Process Automation: Using the embedded Zapier integrations present within Pathwright and our team's process design expertise, we can work with you to build and automate things like registration, payments, assessment, badging, etc.

Developer & Integration Support: Get private access to our secure REST & GraphQL APIs and direct developer support for your development and IT staff.


Training Session: Personalized training events for you and your team, live or online.

Competency-based Mentor Engagement & Support: Mentors are the backbone for competency-based education. We can identify, train, and manage mentors, coaches, and instructors on your behalf.

Program Review & Assessment: Symporus will manage all the details for program review and assessment process from design through data collection, analysis, and iteration.

Partner Support Retainer: Available to our most strategic clients, this service provides a Symporus team member to walk alongside you each month.